Only RM 5.00/pc

This type of inner (to be worn underneath a shawl or hijab) is made from stretchable soft cotton material. The material is thin, absorbs sweat thus makes it  comfortable to wear. Use a piece a day, put your style at bay. Grab a few to match it with your favorite daily  shawls.

C1 - available
C2 - available
C3 - available
C4 - available

C5 - available
C6 - available
C7 - available

C8 - available
C9 - available
C10 - available

C11 - available
C12 - available
C13 - available
C14 - available

C15 - available
C16 - available
C17 - available

C18 - available
C19 - available
C20 - available


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