Assalamualaykom, Peace Be Upon All Darlingers!

Salam! Heaven-O! Kon Ni chi Wa! (Hello in Japanese) Bonjour! Ni-Hao! 

We welcome You....!! Thank You for visiting our very own blogshop, Darling Hijab..! Options are everywhere and YES..! YOU have spotted the one that may have the thing you are looking for, Congratulatons..!

Our newly launched site provides you some of the many offers that you are looking for. Browse through, spot on and pick the right choice. Read our simple Terms and Conditions made simple for you.

We encourage international buyers, local buyers, visiting buyers, homestay buyers and all other buyers (wherever you are) to experience the local and imported Shawl-Hijab-Tudungs and stuffs alike to your likings and benefits.

We are a registered company with Companies Commission of Malaysia, (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia)  Registration Number (002039935-K), a company legally binded to sell, buy and trade the said material above. We take confidence in ourselves to serve you the best we can to fulfil your request/demand as per order/s.

Presently we accept payment through selected local bankers namely : Maybank and CIMB
International Payment through : Western Union.

 Thank You again and enjoy shopping...!!

-Darling Hijab Management Team-


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